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GMax aims create a direct route for ALL young people to acquire the fundamentals of athletics excellence, sportsmanship and teamwork by creating an inspiring mix of Social and Athletic opportunities and an inclusive learning-friendly environment.

Our Mission: To develop Olympic and Paralympic performance pathways in the UK by delivering world-leading, evidence-based, technical solutions that have a direct impact on medal success in 2016, 2018 and beyond.

The GMax Talented Coaching Team collaborate Programmes to identify and develop talented athletes such as Tobi Adeniyi ranked UK No1 long jumper and Sprinter Vera Chinedu ranked UK No3 in their age group.

All athletes are focuses on supporting sports to improve their systems of performance development through the following three work areas:

  • Providing thought provoking, learning opportunities to development athletes through bespoke Masterclass workshops covering subjects unique to the ‘elite developing athlete’ i.e. talent profiling, tracking and grading athletes throughout junior to senior transitions.
  • Permitting sports to benchmark their performance development pathways against world best using diagnostic tools.
  • Applying technical frontline solutions in partnership with sports to identify and develop talented athletes.

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Gmax Athlete Stories


"I have been doing athletics for six years, the last three have been at Gmax. Being with Gmax has helped me improve my technique and times allowing me to get closer to the top of my age group. Extra support is available such as yoga and massages to help us recover allowing us to train at a higher volume. I've become a more confident and competitive athlete and I hope to continue improving with Gmax.

Kera Jean-Francois
Age 17, London


"Since my daughter has joined GMAX she has gone from strength to strength. Her performance has moved from " being able to run, to being able to perform on track."She currently holds four titles for our county all achieved under coach Mark's supervision.."

Angel Walters


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