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From playground
to podium.


Our mission.

Gmax Trackstars is a socially progressive Athletics Academy, designed to help “inspire social change in sport and begin to transform our communities and the globe to make it a better place for our young people to live in.

We want to create a direct route for young people to acquiring the fundamentals of athletics excellence, sportsmanship and teamwork by creating an inspiring mix of Social and Athletic opportunities and an inclusive learning-friendly environments (ILFE)* inline with the UK and international Athletics Development programme.

*An inclusive, learning-friendly environment (ILFE) welcomes, nurtures, and educates all young people regardless of their gender, physical, intellectual, social economic, emotional, linguistic, or other characteristics. They may be disabled and gifted children; street or working children; children of remote or nomadic peoples; children from linguistic, ethnic or cultural minorities; children affected by HIV/AIDS; or children from other disadvantaged or marginalized areas or groups.


“I'm focused on what I want to do. I know what I need to be a champion so I'm working on it.”

— Usain Bolt